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M.W.C. - (2017) Raygunomix versus The Priesthood Album

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Welcome to San Diego, California... A place where money is scarce, rent is high and the New World Order is in full effect. Hear the tales of MWC... These "off the head" street warriors return in 2017 with "Raygunomix vs The Priesthood" - AN anti-establishment / anti-nwo hard core truth story telling album. Featuring underground hits such as "U.N.E.S.C.O." (seen over 20,000 times on youtube) and "The Ritual"

- Intelligently and creatively crafted
- Ruff Rugged and Raw Real Hip Hop Production
- Professional Beat Production with a emphasis on Drum and Bass
- Based on decades of research (See our most recent studies at our Research Library @ MentalWakeup.com) covering conspiracy fact subject matter such as the truth about: Vaccines, GMOs, Satanic Politicians, Rituals behind big events like the olympics, Eugenics, Biometrics, Propaganda / Digital brainwash, Hollywood sacrifice and debt collectors.
- Integrates the think tank discussions, MWC Slang and Mental Wakeup style media clips heard from last years 15-episode "Conspiracy Fact Talk Show"
- Perspective Style Storytelling (Raygunomix tracks are from the evil empires perspective, while The Priesthood tracks are from the perspective of the righteous light warriors. i.e. The second verse from "The Ritual 2" is from a George Soros perspective, which is effective, while Digital Fiends is from The Priesthood perspective comparing Television and Hollywood junkies to crack addicts)
- Made by Professional Off the Head Street Emcees with over two decades of rhyming experience
- Includes unheard tracks not available on Digital Download edition
- Special Edition with Original Design and Controversial CD artwork